Template:Small YoutubersTricky (Born: N/A, Confirmed to be 14 years old), better known online as GuyTrickyIjiri, GuyTricky, Guy Trickyx, is an American YouTuber who currently resides in Nevada, known for his videos that often consist of him either playing Granny, or Minecraft.

The channel is mostly run by Tricky himself, He is currently at 300 subscribers and 41.5 thousand video views.


His series, "Granny", is one of the reasons his channel had first gained popularity. The series has only 3 videos.

== Shout out ==

When GuyTrickyIjiri uploaded his first video, another Filipino You-tuber by the name LightningBlueDragon, or LBD found GuyTricky's video and caught his attention, he commented "cool" and proceeded to make a video on the glitch. GuyTricky was suprised at first but when he viewed the most recent LBD video, GuyTricky appeared in his video and gained massive popularity. LBD and GuyTricky remain friends.

== Makl Moderator ==

GuyTricky is the ONLY non relative moderator of Makl's live chat as the other 2 other moderators are Makl's sister and girlfriend.

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