Template:Small YoutubersMicheal (Born: N/A, Confirmed to be 29 years old ), better known online as Makl, is an American YouTuber who currently resides in California, known for his videos that often consist of him either playing granny, or doing a livestream as long as 15 minutes to 2 hours.

The channel is mostly run by Micheal himself and his girlfriend StukPixel, He is currently at 26.5 thousand subscribers and 6.3 million video views.

== Granny ==
His series, "Granny", is one of the reasons his channel had first gained popularity. The series has about 69+ videos and is arguably the biggest reason he is popular on YouTube in the first

. In these videos, Makl showcases Granny mods, how much he sucks at granny, and to milk views.

== Granny Rip-offs ==
MrBeast is also known of making fun of Scary Granny Horror House Neighbor Survival Game, a game developed by Game District. A video where he makes fun of the game, which was his first video to take of, currently at 700 thousand views.

Long Videos / Streams

Makl has started to stream and record videos of himself playing many games.

==Subscriber Milestones==
*1 thousand: Mar 14, 2018.
*10 thousand: Unknown, 2018.
*25 thousand: Unknown, 2018.

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